Social Media – Step it up!

For the past year, I have been faithful in adding to my Facebook. I tried to share interesting things and be interested. I have built up my Facebook to 500 Friends. I was missing the next step. The social media was not moving toward in the direction of selling my book, just gaining and enjoying friendships.

I needed something to move my book forward. At Christmas time, my daughter set up a Facebook page for me as Betty Slade Creations. She also set up a store. You can show 5 items on the free store on Facebook. She showed me how to track the number of hits, also where they came from. I’ve had several hits from other countries. Also, I have a good local following.

In setting up my Facebook Betty Slade Creation, my daughter used the same profile picture as my website to show continuity. She took advantage of all the things I have done in the past. I have notecards, books, paintings, art lessons, articles, and books. She set up my schedule activity to share and advertise for the next six months.  It is much easier and a time saver, while we were into the site, to add things.

We had free giveaways. Notecards were something I had done several years ago, and were available to use. Look around and see what you have. Maybe, it is time to re-purpose things for its greater benefit.

We set up group e-mails. I have 4 groups. Each person in the group has things in common with the group. For instance, my Wyndham Resort students have art, lessons, vacation, timeshares and other things in common. These need to be notified when there is a sale from one of the art supply websites. It is important I encourage them to pursue their art. I will notify them how to sign up for an art lesson when they are in town.

There is my Mary Magdalene Book contact list. These are the ones who have bought Spirit of the Red Candle, and are waiting for the next book. They are asking when the next one will come out. I need to keep them abreast of the progress of the next book.

I also received a new iPad4 for Christmas. There again, was the learning curve, how to get the maximum use from it. I learned Instagram, and other vital apps.  Everything I have been doing is a ploy of moving ahead with my social media.

I had my grandson, who works with film and edit, film a documentary of myself and my studio and gallery. It sounds like it is an egotistical thing, but I’m taking advantage of opportunities as they come. It will be a three-minute promo on YouTube, to advertise, my documentary on my Website. Today, it might not seem to be necessary, since I am very well and alive, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Saving time is essential. There is so many ways you need to go as you are doing social Media. Work smarter, rather than harder.

I have also started a 2013 book for the Artist’s Land Articles. As I write a weekly article for the Sun News column, I am copying it to my book, also to my Blogspot that has been set up for the Artist’s Lane Column.

I am keeping a log of things happening. At the end of the year, these postings will be a book, for anyone interested in my progress as a writer and artist. The things I am posting at this moment will be added to this book.

Today, a day to organize.

The Spirit of the Red Candle is going forth. I spent yesterday with Lin Harris and made great strides in marketing the Red Candle in the morning, then in the afternoon, we edited my second book, “Year of Grace.”

Mikey is out killing alligators at the moment. I’m anxious for him to get back on board. He does have a life separate from mine and marketing.

Ready to Paint

My office is doubling for Art studio. Got a long cold winter in front of me. I’ve brought my art supplies over to my office. I have to paint a cover for next book. Also, I want to include characters.


Today, I needed to organize. I’ve brought my art things over from studio. My studio is too cold in the winter to paint, so I’ve made room in my office for my arts. I need to start painting the cover and character for the next book. It will come out in the spring. It needs to be finished when the Red Candle is in final marketing stage.

Betty Slade

Organized, finally. Ready to do some big business.

Year of Grace, is the second book in my Triangle Scarlet Series. It answers questions from the first book, Spirit of the Red Candle.

You can’t clean cupboards and closets without making a mess. This is my mess.

Betty Slade, Artist

My painting desk away from my studio.



My office

Wall divider in my office looking from Al’s side. You can tell he is into hunting and dogs, I’m into writing and painting. We share the loft.








Behind the scenes

Due Process, one line upon another line, the book is moving forward.

It is not what we see, but how the Spirit is moving this book.

We are putting a testimonial video together right now for our Crowd funding project.It is on the desk of Spencer White. All the testimonies have been videoed, now it is the job of the editor. He is editing the project down to 4 minutes.

I continue to do social media.

I have started writing the next book, which is the answer to the first book. At the moment I have 140 pages. Doesn’t seem like much, but this book will be ready by the Spring. Once the first book really picks up speed, the second book will on its heels.

The first book took me two years, then one year to have it edited.  On a side note, as I write the second one, I can see all the extra work that was done on the first book because I didn’t know what I was doing. I wrote 115,000 words on the first book, when we edited it, we cut it down to 58,000 words. I did things on the first one that wasn’t necessary. I also was working on a small pc computer. I now have a big I-Mac which makes this next process so much easier.

I was always on a learning curve. I had never work with Lulu.Com. I had to learn how to do that. It was tricky to put an e-book on Lulu.Com.

I was learning marketing. I contracted with Mikey, a market coach August 1, 2011. He waited one year for a product. The product being Spirit of the Red Candle. I wouldn’t release it until it was the best it could be. The book is quality in everything.

I read today, that it is worth the price to pay for a designer to do the cover. I wanted the oil painting that inspired me to write the book in the first place. When this book takes off, I might nave to re-visit that subject.

As I move forward, there is no grass growing under my feet. I am walking the path, I’m moving along with the wind pushing me from my back. My goal is to accomplish the full potential of what this book was meant to be.

It was conceived in faith, written in faith, edited in faith, and is moving out in a life of its own. I trust the spirit on it, to shine bright. The light on the Red Candle will speak to whoever picks it up. I am total convinced by the faith and spirit within me.


Pregnancy Center Gala

Pregnancy Center Gala

Cathy Sepia, Director of Grass Valley Pregnancy Center,

At the Grass Valley Pregnancy Center Gala, Cathy Sepia is introducing Bruce Wilkinson. His message was strong.

We will be sending out my book, Spirit of the Red Candle, journal of Mary Magdalene.

This book is all about forgiveness, freed and fearless. This book will be an answer to many women who have made the choice to abort their baby and living with the shame and guilt of that choice. We are excited we can help these women and girls to become forgiven, freed and fearless






A delay puts everything back on track

Mikey, my market coach and I was paddling in the deep water for a few weeks. He was waiting for me. I needed to get a clear direction on what I felt passionate about. It determined where the book, Spirit of the Red Candle, journal of Mary Magdalene, needed to go.

In Grass Valley, the window flew open and I could see clearly.

This book needed to be in the Pregnancy Centers in our country. If there have been 54 million abortions in the United States since 1972, when the Law was passed for abortions, then there are 54 million women who are dealing with post abortive guilt and shame. Many carry the burden of this choice, and some have stuffed the thought deep within their soul.

Grandson videoing trailer for Pregnancy Center testimonies

Spencer White on location for filming my video for Spirit of the Red Candle, journal of Mary Magdalene

We started making strides in the direction where this book needs to go. My grandson videoed one testimony of one woman who chose life.

Testimony for Life

Carla and daughter Brooklyn – Carla speaks out for Pro-Life

Re-Trace where you started and where you want to go!

I went to a Writer’s Conference over the weekend.

I learned many things over the weekend. Great stuff, great things to jumpstart this book, Spirit of the Red Candle. The things I’ve been toying with seems to alter the direction of where I started and what I want to accomplish in selling the book.

It could be a good thing, but when I pray about it, I don’t feel lead to jump ship and join with someone else. It’s important to continue doing what I am doing and tweaking where I am going.

Mikey, my marketing coach gave me an example. He owns a post on the website which is worth $250,000 to $500,000. He could sell it himself and make $25,000, but he knows to wait on the Lord, until the Lord brings in a just price.

Because he has received big money many times and generated money without his own effort, but with God’s hand of blessing in it, he knows he must sit on this project until God moves. It is important that God gets the glory, in everything. We might have a tendency to claim it as our work but we will live on what the flesh can do which is small in comparison of what the Lord wants to do in our lives.

We started on this journey in God’s spirit,and we are not going to finish it in the flesh. We will continue to do what we are doing, connecting on relationship level, let God build the relationship.




Distracted but not Deterred

To be balanced, feels like a distraction.

Being distracted is possibly living a fuller life. As an artist and writer, I want to give 100 percent to my art and I have in the past. Family and friends have walked in the shadow of my passion for many years. This is to my shame, not to my accomplishment. When people come to my studio, they are amazed at what I have accomplished. As they survey my work in amazement, I am embarrassed as to how little time I’ve given to my friends and family in light of all I have produced.

I don’t spend time chit chatting about nothing. If they need a soft shoulder to cry on, I send them to my Sweet Al. If they need a errand run, they know to ask Al, not me. I have not been available, but I have been on task for the work I have in my hands. I’ve been focused, but not balanced.

I’m not putting chunks of time into my next novel. I wake up with that intent, but then I feel drawn to check my e-mail and Facebook. Such as posting everyday in my two websites. Is anyone reading these postings? Probably not, but Mikey says do it, and I do it.

I’ve purposed to help a friend to get her prayers into a format, possibly be ready to put into a book. I’ve decided to type one prayer a day and put it on my Betty Slade Creation Website. My friend has probably ten journals of prayers. I must do this, I must give back what I can do, what she can’t do at this time. I must honor the gift that the Lord has put in her.

My Wyndham students have thrived this summer. I have been faithful to reach out and help them accomplish the desire of their hearts. I’ve been there for them this summer. I am sure I will see results next summer. Most of them come every year. I have made some special friends through the art classes at Wyndham.

They have bought my books, even helped me to do a final edit on it. These friends are not lost at all. They have gone back to their homes across the United States, but we still hold each other in our hearts. I do not think I would have been aware of the potential of friendships without Mikey’s constant reassurance that the people around me are part of the provision for my potential.

Mikey will be calling today. My assignment from last week is

1. Write what I am looking for.

2. Write SoundBits. For under 35, over 35, Men, Women, Christians and Non-Christians. My understanding about SoundBits is this. Telling in their language, speaking in terms they understand. Adapt sound bits for each audience when I am presenting Spirit of the Red Candle.

I have given both these topics a stab. I’ll see what Mikey has to say about it when he calls.

I have maximized the local market, it is time to move into a bigger market. I’ve been faithful to social networking. Not sure how to maximize the social marketing. I have joined several groups in the networking media. I need to be more visible among my peers, authors and writers. My friend Lin, says I need to join AFWA. They have ways of promoting their members books.

This is a perfect time to drop the ball. I’ve given all I know to give. This is probably my mode of operation. In the past, this is about the time when I have moved on to another project. The job is not done. It’s time to move out to swifter waters. I’m not sure how to swim in these waters.

The fever has moved away from this book now. The honeymoon is over, the passion is turning to grey coals, this is the time to moved out into another venue to get this book in the market. Not changing horses, but revitalized this horse.

This is where I need a market coach. I need Mikey’s expertise. I do not have it within myself. I have and am doing what I know to do. I’ve been on a high speed learning curve for the past year.

Mikey and I began this journey together August 1, 2011. It’s been thirteen months.  I am not at all discouraged. I have grown immensely in these months. I started virtually at square one with little knowledge about writing a novel, the computer, social media and marketing.

It took me ten of those months to make this product, Spirit of the Red Candle,  worthy for the market. I’ve moved up into a IMac and have had to learn how to work a new machine. I’ve published the book with Lulu.Com. Another learning curve, then  learning how to make it into an E-book. I’ve had promotional material printed, I have the beginning of a movie trailer.

I’ve had a local book signing and also an evening of a Presentation with 32 watercolors of the characters from the book, and a small journal printed on what I wanted to say in the first book, but couldn’t.

The Big Idea which Mike has brought to me is simmering. Other things need to line up before we can launch this.I believe this is the next spark to move this book along.

The next book, which holds the answers to the first book is started. I am projecting the spring as the finish date.

I need to be spiritually and emotionally prepared for this journey.  Mikey and I went on a 40 day fast and prayer. It ended September 1st. There were some breakthroughs, not what I expected. One breakthrough was enormous for my understanding people who I have prejudged.

I will begin another fast and prayer on September 29th through the elections for this country. I am sure I will discover many more things about myself in order to follow through with this Big Idea that is in the making.

Yes, I have been distracted but balanced, It feels like I’m lacking total focus, but I believe it is all for the purpose of the potential of this work, Spirit of the Red Candle.





Family Time at the cabin on Cumbres Pass, New Mexico

I’m not sure if the Cumbres Pass at the top is considered Colorado or New Mexico. I believe it is New Mexico. When you top the pass at 10,000 feet, going east 13 miles you are in Colorado.  You will see on your right, my family’s cabin. A river runs in front with great fishing and the Cumbres Train passes everyday at 12:30pm. My Aunt Deaon’s family homesteaded this land at least 150 years ago. It’s the only private property next to the Pass. It is surrounded by National Forest. It is an uncut jewel.

I went for two reasons, first to be with family and second, to do research for my next book. My family is LDS. My story is set in that theme, also. We exchanged stories and names of old friends we remembered years ago.

I spent three days with my Aunt Deaon, my cousins Julie and Linda. What a wonderful time we had. I interviewed my Aunt. She is 87 years young. Amazing at what she can do. I was inspired to live longer and healthy.  I was also inspired to come home and have a back porch built with a swing. Al and I was together. I missed taking any pictures of my Sweet Al.

My cousins had biographies and stories  of my ancestors. I am the offspring of a third wife of a polygamist marriage on my mother’s side. On my father’s side. I did not know my Grandma Jessie, my Dad’s mother, was one of three girls born to a second wife of a polygamist marriage. This all happened when polygamy was lawful. I feel like the grace of God ruled. I would have never been born. Thank you Jesus.

The cabin is rustic, a large room upstairs with double, single, queen size beds. It is a dormitory. There are two bedrooms downstairs.  Families come and go and they plan time to be together. The family comes from Manassa, Co. Salt Lake City, Utah, Albuquerque, NM and from Mesa, Arizona. I’m from Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I am only 50 miles away.

Here are some of pictures of this wonderful weekend.

Cumbres Pass, New Mexico

This is my Aunt Deaon Jarvies. She still hikes these mountains


Family, Cumbres Pass, New Mexico

My two cousins and Aunt Deaon. Linda was about to leave. Her car was loaded. We took time to take a quick picture. This is Julie's dog.

Cumbres Pass, New Mexico

My cousin Julie is weaving a rug. She walked two hours every morning. Amazing women I was with for three days.

Aunt Deaon Jarvies

My Aunt Deaon Jarvies. Isn't she beautiful? I am amazed at her health. She is 87 years old. She has 8 children and I have no idea of how many grandchildren, great grandchildren, and probably a couple of great, great grandchildren. `They had 3 swings on the back porch. We met every morning on the back porch and shared. My Aunt has the most beautiful Spirit. I consider her to be like the Proverbs Woman. Kindness is in her tongue. She lives her faith. I listened to her testimony. She knows Jesus is the Son of God and He came to die and set up his Kingdom.

Cumbres Pass, New Mexico

Sitting on the back porch. Julie is taking pictures as I am taking pictures.








Cumbres Pass with family

My Aunt at 87 years old is helping Julie with her frame on her loom. I couldn't believe how easy she went to her knees and pushed against the frame to help Julie. I told her I had to have a picture of this, no one would believe me.













































Spirit of the Red Candle as a new Release for Library

The Pagosa Springs Library has Spirit of the Red Candle as a new release on their book display table.

I had to take a picture. I have always said this book had a life of its own. It will go where it wants. I am hearing people loving this book so much they are sending it to their daughter or giving it to a friend. These are small steps, but I’m trusting the Holy Spirit is moving this book into the hands who needs to read it. I don’t want to put flesh on this. As he leads, then I am faithful to move on it.

Betty Slade, Spirit of the Red Candle, journal of Mary Magdalene

My book is on the New Fiction Display Table.


Pagosa Springs Library

This is where my book is. Hope it stays out, comes in and goes out again.

How am I selling it? One book at a time.





Book is moving along – My first check from my Publisher – Wahoo!

Another season in life. I have become a bonafide author. I thought I had conquered the world when my book was finished and I hit the button on Lulu.Com to publish my first novel. Then the work began. Marketing and selling the book.

Everyone who reads Spirit of the Red Candle, journal of Mary Magdalene tells me they couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to be over. That’s good news, but the other side of the coin is this, they felt like all the questions weren’t answered. They were answered in the last seven chapters which I moved into the next book. When I got to the one point in the book, I had 59,000 words, perfect for a novel, and it felt like that it was the end of the book.

I had already finished the last seven chapters but the Holy Spirit nudged me that it was finished. I stopped there. When a friend said to me, “Of course you were planning to write another book, it’s got too many unanswered questions.” It hit me, by listening to the Holy Spirit, I was in the long haul for another book.

Everyone has asked, “When will the next book be written?” That’s good, but for me I am an artist. I had a mandate to write that first book. Now the need to write another book is necessary to finish the job. After that, who knows. I think the Holy Spirit tricked me, so to speak. I was finished, but then I realized I wasn’t finished. I was a little miffed for a couple of weeks, I had laid down my life for the first book and I didn’t know if I wanted to write another one. But then it seemed obvious that I needed to finish the task at hand.

Juggling the artist and writer in me is difficult. It’s like a mother and wife working full time out of the house. Something always lags. You can’t be on task for both. Right now my art is on the back burner. Al keeps telling me I need to be painting and forego the computer for a while. I can’t. I am now building up speed to get this first book on the market. As a self-publisher, you have to do it all. Writing is a small things to the big picture.

I am about to venture on “The Big Idea” which Mikey my coach is launching for the first book. That takes more time. I also called the series “The Scarlet Triangle”. In the beginning I knew I had at least three stories in this series. Writing is hard work. Anyone who is venturing on writing a novel and you don’t know what you are doing, take heed. Pray and get the mind of Christ before you start. You will need the faith and the work ethics to finish the book.

Seasoned writers pump them out like I do with my art. To paint a painting is no sweat, but to write a book, takes everything I got. As I wrote down the first sixteen pages, and the characters began to develop, I was already hooked on the next book. I believe it will be better than the first. And, I was astounded how well I did on the first book. I didn’t know it was in me.

Those hidden gifts are in us, we are disposed to be faithful to what has been invested in us. My goal is stretching forth to the High calling of God in Christ Jesus. Whatever He asks, we must do.